Who are we?

Since 2008, Planet E has been committed to supporting the global groundswell of efforts to heal our environment. As contributors to an eco-friendly movement that has reshaped business practices the world over, our weapon of choice is the reusable bag.

We are here to equip people on the move with a wide array of stylish, functional, eco-conscious bags for life’s everyday needs. Planet E’s extensive collection promises something for everyone, without putting pressure on your wallet.

Whether it’s a day trip to the mall or the mountains, we have a solution.

Planet E also works with companies to provide green alternatives for their clients by incorporating reusable and recycled bags into their product offering. Savvy shoppers can find the Planet E private collection both online and in select retail locations.

Treating our planet well, however, is only half the battle. We’re vocal about manufacturing local – a portion of Planet E’s product line is proudly made in the USA, so we can care for our workers and our world at the same time.

How we are better:

expertise and experience

Every industry needs a leader, and we are proud to be among the pack. The past decade of quality and integrity has not made us complacent: with each passing week, month, and year, an eye towards the environment and an ear for valuable client feedback inspire us to continually adapt and serve you best.

Mission statement

Planet E is forever focused on ensuring that our clients are equipped with innovative, convenient, thoughtfully-designed products that are gentle on the environment. Therefore, our entire line is composed of ecologically sound technology and materials. We strive to deliver a line of innovative reusable bags that have the power to improve many different aspects of our clients’ lives. Indoors or outdoors, shopping or exploring, Planet E is by your side.