How to spend your last weekends of summer

You are likely back to work after a well-deserved summer break; kids are back to school and everyone is waiting for the leaves to turn orange. You might be feeling nostalgic of simpler times, when you were sipping cocktails in the sun and tanning on the beach. But feel nostalgic no more! The sun is still bright, and it's still officially summer for a couple more weeks (and more depending on where you live). So brace yourself for the ideal summer-September weekend!

It's Friday night, so let's go out. It's still patio season, and nothing screams summer like an evening on patio. So, start the grill or head to a bar or restaurant near you and enjoy a warm summer night! And if it gets a little chilly as the night goes on, a little sweater should be enough to let you enjoy your time.

Saturday? Let's plan a beach day! What a better way to feel on vacations again than to plan a day trip to the beach? Whether it's by the sea or a lake, go cool down in some water. A little picnic on the beach is all you need to get away one more time!

Spend your Sunday at the park. Not everyone lives by a beach, but we all tend to overlook the parks we pass by every day. So why not make it a day activity? Just pack your lunch and enjoy the day! Play catch, relax in the shades of a tree, eat a homemade salad. Life is easy and the simplest pleasures are sometimes the best.

So enjoy the last days of summer, because as some might say, fall is coming.


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