New Year Resolutions

Happy new year everyone! It is the time of year again when we make resolutions to have a better year, to be better this time around. However, we also all know how difficult these resolutions are to keep, and how often we forget them by the end of the first week of January. So here are a few ideas of resolutions to make your 2018 better and how to keep them.

Reduce the waste. This is obviously easier said than done. However, there are a few easy steps you can take that will have a massive impact. The first is obviously that you should only buy what you need, especially in terms of perishable food. You can also buy reusable products, like plastic bottles instead of cans. Even if you don't reuse bottles, we recycle them to make bags! Finally, try to sell or give away items you no longer need. This is extremely easy in the age of the internet, where multiple apps and websites allow you to sell your unwanted items with little or no cost.

Reuse items. The best example here would obviously be the plastic bags. It is timely that Montreal and Boston just joined the long list of cities banning the sale of non-reusable plastic bags in stores. So now is the time to get ahead and get used to this new habit, even though it's not easy. Who can say they never forgot to put their reusable bags back in the car after bringing the groceries home? Exactly. And who could blame you? To help with that, you could leave your bags on a hook by the door, so you pass by them when you leave the house.

Recycling plastic and cardboard is an easy task. It requires very little extra effort: have a box or a bag next to your garbage; throw the plastic and cardboard items in it when you are looking to discard them. Get rid of the recyclables in the appropriate bin outside. Voila. If you do that, you allow recycling companies to do their job, and down the road, you allow us to make more reusable bags. Everyone wins!

We hope that this year you will be able to keep your resolutions. Let us know in the comments what they are and how you intend to keep them!


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